Tsinajinnie | Shaun Rodgers

Born and raised in a small Navajo town called Klagetoh, Arizona. Shaun is half Hope, and half Navajo. Shaun's first big show was at the Heard Museum in 2016 for his paintings. He sat next to Harrison Jim sr, and was told that his painting designs would look good on jewelry. This inspired Shaun to start silversmithing. In  2017 Shaun went down what he calls “the turquoise trail” learning everything he possibly could about turquoise and silversmithing.

He started collecting turquoise,  and building his collections. Shaun never practiced on copper or brass, he went straight to silver. His first piece was a turtle fetish, very advanced for a first timer. 

Shauns goal has always been to  be an artist. He takes inspiration from artists like R.C. Gorman, Charles Loloma, and Boyd Tsosie.

His goal is to be among the best, he’s always had a deep love and appreciation for art. Shaun credits art, and his family for saving his life. In addition he feels it has brought him back after a long struggle with addiction. Shaun now has five boys and one daughter, with his amazing partner. He still finds time to create full time, making pieces that leave us speechless.  

He inspires all those around him, with his kind demeanor and friendly smile. His extensive knowledge of turquoise and silversmithing, is something we value greatly at sacred native. Shauns style is unique in its own way, contemporary, modern yet also traditional. His one message for up and coming artists, or anyone wanting to create:

“Success starts with you, if you’re dedicated to what you want to do in life, go for it. If you have people that see the potential in you, that should be enough motivation to pursue what you want to do.”