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Born and raised in Salt Lake City Utah, sisters Justine and Jaylynn Mink grew up with a deep appreciation for their Native American heritage. Thanks to their grandpa Darel Nakai, they were taught about Navajo culture, family and traditions. Growing up, their grandpa would take them to visit Native American reservations in Shiprock, NM and to stop for fry bread with their great grandma. They quickly became fascinated by their Native Artistry and culture, it always felt like home to them. The girls' grandparents always had a big collection of native american jewelry that had been passed down from previous generations. Receiving these pieces was always a huge honor. The girls loved growing their personal collections, and hearing stories about the pieces.

Wanting to branch out, the girls noticed that whenever they went into native shops the Native jewelry was there, however the native artists were not. In addition there was always little to no knowledge about the silversmiths behind the pieces. Representation, and acknowledgment is something very important to both Justine and Jaylynn. This lack of representation is something the sisters knew needed to change. They made it a point to only collect pieces that had Art acknowledgment. The sisters often discussed a dream to one day have a brand that represented native artists and all their many talents. They put their dreams on hold while Jaylynn finished her degree and minor in Native American Studies, and while Justine was working in NYC in high end jewelry.

In 2022 they knew it was time to circle back to their original passion. They created Sacred Native Co, in honor of their shared passion for jewelry and their culture. Their goal is to create sacred, unique and authentic pieces that honor their heritage, while highlighting the artists that created them. In spring of 2023 Justine and Jaylynn began collaborating with Native American Silversmiths, hat makers and artisans, who have created one of a kind pieces using a variety of materials and natural elements. Each piece was carefully crafted with attention to detail, and a deep respect for the traditions of their ancestors.

Our clients will have the opportunity to know the artisans behind these pieces, they will know the tribe the artist belongs to and the intent behind it. Justine and Jaylynn feel strongly that this is how it always should be. Justine and Jaylynn have now stepped into the world of silversmithing, and creating themselves. They continue to be inspired by their Navajo heritage and are proud to share it with the world through their creations. They remain committed to honoring their ancestors and their culture, and they hope to inspire others to do the same.

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