Hastłishníí | Lynn Traylor

Lynn Traylor, an accomplished artist and visionary, is the mastermind behind Auntie Creations - a platform dedicated to crafting exquisite and meaningful art for generations to come. Lynn Traylor, a proud member of the Diné community, carries the ancestral lineage of Hastłishnii born for Tááchiinii, with Tłaaschií as her Cheiis and Tłaaschií as her Nalí. Originally from the captivating landscapes of Black House Mesa, New Mexico, Lynn now calls the vibrant city of Phoenix her home.

As an Indigenous artist, Lynn's expertise lies in the realm of wearable art beadwork. She was introduced to the art of beading at a young age under the guidance of her father, Edward Mark, who imparted the skills of loom and peyote stitch techniques. Over time, Lynn's passion for beading flourished, leading her to explore the art of flat beadwork.

For Lynn, beading serves as an artistic sanctuary, offering solace from the demanding nature of her work in criminal prosecution for domestic violence cases. Every creation that Lynn brings to life is imbued with the essence of hozhó, embracing harmony and positive intentions.

"Creating Generational Art for All" is Lynn's heartfelt mission, inspiring people from all walks of life to embrace and cherish wearable art. Each piece she meticulously crafts undergoes a sacred blessing ceremony with cedar, ensuring it is ready to be adorned and cherished.